Wine Merchants and Wine Distributors

Case Study #1:     Small Wine Merchant

Blackburne Wine Selections is a Wine Merchant offering hundreds of wines from scores of different regions from dozens of countries. So many wines from so many different and sometimes obscure regions represented a daunting task for clients to find the wines they were interested in by scrolling through a long list of some twenty pages.

Blackburne Wine Selections wanted a website that would enable their clients to search by region, country, vintage, grape variety, bottle size, winery name, vineyard and by price-range. In addition, management wanted to link the vineyards or wineries listed to their websites and have an info link against each wine which leads to a pop-up mini-page, so that wine reviews of each wine could be copied and pasted into the pop-up page or created by the Blackburne Wine Selection buyers.

And it was desired that the search, except price range, be done from ONE search box.

In the mean time, management had viewed the websites of thousands of wine merchants around the world and not one had this kind of search sophistication implemented. Also search results on all other sites viewed were presented in random fashion. For example a search for Chardonnay might find all the chardonnays but they would be listed in random order and not shown under their region or country. Blackburne Wine Selections prescribed this presentation by region as a mandatory feature.

After discussions with the Client, the Arembis programmers were able to meet all the search parameters requested and the Blackburne Wine Selections website is by far the most user-friendly and search-friendly wine merchant site on the web.

Case Study #2:     Wine Division of Specialty Supermarket

Miles is a leading supermarket catering to a wealthy clientele. Included in the products they offer is a large collection of fine wines. The internal IT records for their wine division were not well developed and they had been unable to produce a hard copy or online wine-list for their clients - and indeed their own staff had difficulty monitoring the stocks.

Having been impressed with the Blackburne Wine Selections site, Miles wanted to implement a similar site for their wine division. They previously had no website for their wines. This was a virtually turnkey implementation, using similar technology and functions to the Blackburne site.