Case Study #4:     Government Group Portal — in Beta Presentation

The Bermuda Government, with more than sixty different Ministry and Departmental websites, in 2003 commissioned consultants, and programmers to coordinate all these sites into one Government Portal with a similar graphics theme throughout all the individual sites. As at November 2004, most were integrated but several remained stand-alone.

The meta-search application crawls all the individual sites and presents sometimes hundreds of results for each search term. Unfortunately it usually fails to show results which are relevant to the search and which are valuable to the user.

The Arembis engine, which covers search across all the individual sites, presents focused results matching, with pin-point accuracy, the search terms queried. Independent website designers have commented that these focused results are nothing less than “spectacular”. It is estimated that the Arembis search, if and when implemented, will save Bermuda residents and taxpayers from making tens of thousands of telephone enquiries to Government departments, since the information they need is obtained in seconds by using the Arembis search. This represents massive savings to Government of time and money.