Customs Authorities

Case Study #6:     Customs Tariff

BERMUDA CUSTOMS TARIFF. Since Bermuda levies no Corporate or Private income tax on its citizens or residents, the Bermuda Government relies heavily on other revenue sources to balance the national budget. The most significant of these derives from import duties. Bermuda produces very few agricultural or other products, so the amount of goods pouring into the country is substantial.

Duty is levied on a large percentage of the products imported and numerous different duty rates are applied, depending on the product category.

The official Customs Tariff is produced in printed form and on line in a PDF document. The online version, a massive document numbering some 340 pages, is extremely difficult to navigate and it can take even an experienced user a very long time to find the tariff code and duty rate of an unfamiliar product. The Customs Tariff is referred to daily by thousands of importers, large and small traders, couriers, freight forwarding agents, Customs officers themselves and the managers of the sub-post offices who need to assess the appropriate duty on the content of thousands of parcels entering Bermuda by mail.

Tens of thousands of hours were being wasted in just trying to find the correct duty in order to make a customs entry.

Arembis Search Engines have developed and built a powerful stand-alone search engine application to enable the drudgery and frustration of fighting through the old Customs Tariff to be replaced by keying in a single search term and finding the duty applicable to any product in a matter of seconds.