The Arembis HyperLogic Search Engine

Enterprise Edition 3.1 for Websites and Intranet Applications

Your internet Website or Portal is probably your most important single advertising and public relations vehicle.

You have spent thousands or possibly millions of dollars on its development and it now looks great. But what about navigation? No matter how pretty your website, and no matter how massive the content, your clients, brokers, salespeople and investors need to find what they are looking for — fast.

Many websites do not have a search application implemented. And those that do tend to use a keyword or metatagging function which indexes every single word and term, resident in every document, on the entire site. This can amount to hundreds of thousands or even millions of words and terms within a larger site.

Using this methodology, the results pages presented are often too numerous to view and are, tragically and too often, reminiscent of results from the major search engines. Scores of results, or even hundreds, will be presented — and it is likely that many will not be relevant to the enquiry. This can be REALLY annoying. Your visitors don't want all these results to choose from — particularly if they are not relevant to the query. Nor do your staff. Using your Intranet should be rapid-fire and to the point. Searches should take seconds and your key executives should not have to delve into a dozen pages before finding what they want.

The Arembis Solution

Enter the Arembis HyperLogic search engine technology built on the powerful Oracle9i platform. This is a hierarchically structured database which enables indexing of all the important and significant aspects and divisions of your site. These records are editor-selected and, when a search is initiated, the results are pin-point accurate and highly focused. If more than one result is shown, you may be assured that the multiple but always small number of results displayed are totally relevant to the search.

Where two or more results are presented, they are shown subordinate to the divisions of the website under which they fall and the search path is shown above every result, so that users may move seamlessly up, down or across the hierarchy with a single click.

If there is only one significant result, Arembis may, at the website owner’s discretion, take the user directly to the relevant page, thereby skipping a click step, or the result may be viewed so the user may decide to click on that result listing or select a listing from the broader search described more fully below.

Indexed internal hyperlinks take the user to the specific part of a page relevant to the enquiry.

The Arembis precision search possesses superior features including the powerful fuzzy logic function, record-specific editor-generated synonyms and a customized site-wide synonym dictionary which is industry-specific.

In the event that no result is found from the pure Arembis search, or if broader results are sought, a full-site search, which crawls intelligently all terms in all the documents and presents results by relevance, is incorporated. The two search systems are integrated and results are shown on the same page, with the focused Arembis results presented first. Users tend to find the precision Arembis results match exactly what they are seeking on a high percentage of occasions.