Background of The Arembis Search Engine

The Directory Search Engine was born out of the frustration experienced by Robin Blackburne, the inventor of the Blackburne Double Strung Tennis Racquet, who, having built a spectacular Website for the Revolutionary Racquet, found it impossible to achieve a listing on page one of any of the search engines.

After undertaking extensive research, Blackburne discovered that not only could he not obtain a decent positioning for the Blackburne Racquet website, but virtually none of the major brand names in the world had been able to achieve page one listings for their websites. This was small comfort - but it did inspire him to conceive the idea of a brand-specific Directory Search Engine on which Brands would be listed by Category and linked to their websites. And EVERY BRAND OWNER was guaranteed a PAGE ONE listing for the brand under every product category.

Thus, in 1999, Steve Encarnacao, the President of Blackburne Racquets Inc, and Robin Blackburne, formed a new company - Brand Leaders International Ltd, for the specific purpose of building an engine to satisfy the now desperate needs of brand owners to have their Websites FOUND on the internet, in response to searches for the categories of their products.

During 1999 Blackburne had meetings with Inktomi and entered negotiations with the other majors who build the engines for the search engines. Not even Microsoft was able to come up with an engine whose functionality matched the demanding specs Blackburne and Encarnacao had envisaged and planned for their hierarchical-based engine.

So, reluctantly and against their better judgement, they set about having the engine custom-designed and built from the ground up - a task which only the most powerful internet players would have contemplated. It took three years and finally, in 2003, the structure of the engine was largely complete and the Portal substantially populated.

The Arembis HyperLogic Search Engine

During the period of massive population of, the editors and researchers entered and spent time on tens of thousands of websites. About half the sites viewed had no search application. And those that did sport a search box used an off-the-shelf search application which was generally very poor, usually giving hundreds of results, most of which were irrelevant.

It thus became abundantly clear to the management of Brand Leaders International that there was a huge opportunity for a REALLY GOOD SEARCH ENGINE, specifically designed for Websites and Intranet Portals, which would give users focused and accurate results every time. The Arembis engine driving already existed. It took about a year to refine the technology to become a powerhouse application for Website and Intranet search. This development was completed at the end of 2004 and Arembis Search Engines was established as a division of Brand Leaders International.