The Arembis Hyper-Logic WEB-SITE SEARCH ENGINE

For Retailers, Distributors and Wholesalers

The Arembis Search Engine has been developed by designers who understand the unique problems of Brands and Branded Products.

This precision engine is designed and structured for the specific needs of Websites and Portals of Brand Owners, Distributors, Retailers and Wholesalers.

It is based on the powerful Oracle 9i.

Over the last few years many Brand Owners, online Retailers and Wholesalers have sought to adapt to the internet by building spectacular Web-Sites which often include massive graphics content, sometimes causing slow navigation – at least for those with dial-up or slow internet connections which, and this may come as a surprise, remain in the majority.

Although these sites may still look good and might be visually appealing, they were often originally designed and built some four or five years ago and are too often weak in the most important features, namely Navigation, Structure and Search.

The Arembis engine is based on a fixed but still flexible three-tier hierarchy for the product categories to which two product levels – for brand name and model – are subordinate.

This hierarchical structure enables even the most complicated web-sites, displaying thousands of products, to have results presented in such a way that users can navigate with ease and speed - giving them PERFECT PRECISION and FOCUSSED RESULTS every time, with irrelevant results virtually eliminated.

Brand Owners. You are seeking to attract a variety of users to your website and the Arembis engine is ideal for members of the public who wish to browse or window shop on your site, to check out the features of your products on the web, with a view to buying products later in a retail store. Also for users who wish to shop on line and buy products directly from your site.

Wholesalers. Your site will be more specific, being positioned at retailers and other members of the Trade who wish to obtain information rapidly before placing their order. You will probably wish to have included product numbers, content or item size, units per case and pricing.

Retailers and Distributors. Your needs will be similar to those of wholesalers but more positioned to members of the public.

Among the numerous advantages of implementing Arembis are:

Businesses that implement the Arembis engine on their sites receive multiple free listings of their brands and products in the and PINK PAGES Directory Engines.