The Arembis Hyper-Logic WEB-SITE SEARCH ENGINE

For Wine Merchants

The Arembis Search Engine has been developed by designers who understand the unique problems of The Wine Trade and the geographical nature of the hierarchical structure of wine regions. It has taken three years to develop, was built from the ground up and is now fully debugged and in use.

This precision engine, based on the robust Oracle 9i platform, is designed and structured for the specific needs of Wine and Spirit Merchants - retailers, wholesalers and distributors.

Over the last few years many Wine Merchants have sought to adapt to the internet by building spectacular Web-Sites which often include massive graphics content, sometimes causing questionable navigation and slow load times – at least for those with dial-up or slow internet connections who, and this may come as a surprise, remain in the majority.

Although these sites may still look good and might be visually appealing, they were often originally designed and built some three, four or even five years ago and are too often weak in the most important features, namely Navigation, Structure and Search. Particularly Search.

The Arembis engine is based on a fixed but still flexible three-tier hierarchy for the wine regions thus:

Country > Wine Region > Sub-Region > Wine Name     Example site:

This hierarchical structure enables even the most complicated web-sites, displaying thousands of different wines, to have results presented in such a way that your customers, both new and established, can navigate with ease and speed - giving them PERFECT PRECISION and FOCUSSED RESULTS every time, with irrelevant results almost entirely eliminated.

Hitherto, virtually all wine merchants’ websites, if they had a search function, were bound by multiple search boxes or pre-entered multiple choice search terms for wine or winery name, grape variety, vintage, country or region. This is really clumsy and confusing for clients.

The powerful Arembis engine achieves, with pin-point accuracy, results from searches for Winery Name, Grower, Vineyard, Country, Region, Grape Varietal, Colour, Vintage or Bottle Size (Eg. Half Bottle, Magnum or Jeroboam) — All from ONE SEARCH BOX — cataloguing the results of search for Grape Variety or Vintage by Country, Region and Sub-Region. There is a built-in feature that links each wine listed to the winery’s web-site, for in-depth client info, or to a pop-up with the merchant’s own text describing each particular wine — or both.

The Arembis Search Engine technology additionally incorporates an amazing fuzzy logic feature that interprets mis-spellings and vague or imperfect search criteria.

Among the numerous advantages of implementing the Arembis engine on your website are:

Please view the Blackburne Wine Selections Website and play around on