The Arembis Hyper-Logic WEB-SITE SEARCH ENGINE

For Insurance Companies

The Arembis Search Engine has been developed and built from the ground up by designers who understand the unique problems of Products and Services.

This precision engine was purpose-designed for the requirements of Websites and Portals of Brand Owners. It has now been adapted to the specific needs of the Insurance Industry, whose hierarchical product category structure virtually mirrors that of branded products. It is a hierarchical database built on the powerful and rock-solid Oracle 9i platform. It is exceptionally user-friendly for Intranet use.

Over the last few years many Insurance Companies have sought to adapt to the internet by building spectacular Web-Sites which often include massive graphics content, sometimes causing slow navigation.

Although these sites may still look good and might be visually appealing, they were often originally designed and built some four or five years ago and are too often weak in the most important features, namely Navigation, Structure and Search, particularly Search. If a search function is implemented, it has frequently been licensed or bought from software houses that purvey off-the-shelf generic search engines too often unsuitable for the specific needs of the insurance industry. Such engines tend to crawl every document on the entire site and present hundreds of results, most of which are irrelevant to the search. THIS IS EXTREMELY COSTLY IN TERMS OF HOURS WASTED BY SENIOR EXECUTIVES not being able to find, in seconds, what they are searching for.

The Arembis engine is based on a flexible multi-tier hierarchy. This hierarchical structure enables even the most complicated web-sites, with massive content, to have results presented in such a way that users can navigate with ease and speed - giving them PERFECT PRECISION and FOCUSED RESULTS every time, with irrelevant results virtually eliminated – even from vague or mis-spelled search criteria.

In addition to the editor-controlled results, a full-site search scanning all words, terms and documents displays further results by relevance.

Reinsurers and Major Global Insurers. You are seeking to attract a variety of users to your website and the Arembis engine is ideal for rapid search by professionals within the Insurance Industry. Existing or new clients or associates can use the SINGLE SEARCH BOX to find any type of business you write or find other information about your company. You can talk to clients over the telephone and merely ask them to enter a search term in the box and the page you wish them to view will be presented in seconds.

Life Insurers and Property Insurers dealing with the public. The Arembis engine is exceptionally user-friendly, enabling even reluctant Internet users to find their way around in seconds.

The robust Arembis engine is also highly effective for internal searches by members of your staff. Or you may implement Arembis on your own Intranet site for internal information and data accessible by your own staff against password.

The precision Arembis search saves executives valuable time.

Among the numerous advantages of licensing the Arembis Search Technology are: