Tired of Dead-End Searching?

You have thousands of products in dozens of categories and your CLIENTS can’t find what they ARE LOOKING FOR.

Your e-commerce software has poor categorization and slow search that never seems to work.

Your website search too often gives hundreds of results, most of which are largely irrelevant.

Your Corporate Intranet Portal is not being used by your key executives because they just can’t find the info they need fast enough. Or worse — not at all. They are busy. They are highly paid. Every minute and second of their time counts. They must be able to find the info they seek in seconds. With Arembis implemented, they will.

Arembis is a fast, hierarchically-based search engine designed to deliver maximum performance and precise results that will complement your existing web and intranet technology.

Arembis, built on the powerful Oracle 9i platform, has developed industry-leading technologies that revolutionize search. Arembis presents focused pin-point accurate results, even from vague or imprecise search criteria. Amazing.